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Alex Muñoz is a self-taught designer from Spain.

His curiosity for design started at the young age of 13, when he began learning design while studying at school.

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Areas of work.

  • Product Design.
  • UX Design.
  • Front-End Development.
  • Editorial Design.
  • Branding.

Alex’s trajectory.

Alex’s love for design is motivated by the need of improving everyday experiences for people. He believes design should always be aware of the human needs it’s intended for, through a better understanding of their culture, UX level and context, adapting the product not to the designer’s taste nor design trends, but to its purpose.

Thanks to his curiosity, Alex creates meaningful, human-oriented interfaces that aim to make a positive impact on people's lives.

He started freelancing at the age of 14, doing graphic design for local businesses. After diving a little deeper into the web field, he started focusing on digital design.

Example of photography that Alex retouched when he was a Digital Assistant


After high school, he had the chance to work with maybe one of the best fashion photographers in Spain. Next to him, he learned the basics of fashion photography, got an eye for lighting, and enjoyed late nights learning how to retouch photographies for commercial campaigns.


While he was diving deep into programming, Alex founded his first company: Marbella iView. Its goal was to provide accurate and agile information about the city’s attractions for people in his hometown. Throughout a mobile app launched in 2013 that reached over 2k users, the city was connected by trustworthy and useful information related to its places and events.

Logo of the startup Alex created
Logo of the startup Alex created


Wether designing interfaces, systems or products, Alex passion for design is the source of his inspiration. His dream is to collaborate with the world’s greatest makers in the mission of creating useful products with a positive impact for society.

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