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Interactive Design Direction.

Vossgë was created out of a great business oportunity. Its goal was to deliver a more humanized experience for cosmetics consumers, bringing it closer to the fashion market, rather than the still raw cosmetics market.

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Vossge Screenshot - Gender Selection Vossge Screenshot - Product Filters Vossge Screenshot - Opened Dark Menu

The shopping experience analogy.

Buying cosmetics online is still something a lot of consumers don't feel comfortable enough doing, especially in the Spanish market. Throughout design, we wanted to break down the process by setting up a layout that felt like getting them right in the store.


But there are also people that know exactly what they want. Or they simply want to dive deep into all the product range. For that purpose, they could go through the shelves just as they would navigate through the menu.


And then, there are the products the shop is most interested in selling. Just as they put it in the showcase of the store, they are able to choose what products they want to show in the first place through the homepage.

Vossge screenshot - List of Products
Vossge screenshot - Product Single
Vossge screenshot - Homepage design

The amazing people behind this project.

Great projects are made by great teams. These are the people who made this possible as much as I did!

José Javier Mardlin

Art Direction

Juan Antonio Madueño

Web Development