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Interactive Design Direction.

Trademark registering is a must when starting a new project. Without Vrandin, the process is a total pain that takes you at least 30 days to complete. We changed the whole process by creating an usable flow that everybody could understand.

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Digesting the content.

Vrandin was not an easy project to understand. The current process of registering a brand has a deep burocratic background that the final user doesn't have to understand. Together with the client, we dove deep in the roots of trademark registering in Spain, being able to make the whole process lighter and more flexible.


Deciding the brand’s name.

As with every startup, we wanted the platform to follow a whole new path than the competition was following. We wanted it to be as important as it should, taking place on the very first step of a new project: the branding process. Under these premises, we thought no name would carry better that feeling than Vrandin.

Vrandin logo
Vrandin logo

The amazing people behind this project.

Great projects are made by great teams. These are the people who made this possible as much as I did.

Juan Antonio Madueño

Web Development

Pedro Jurado

Back-End Development